We have all heard about decisions made with the mind or with the heart. For many years the most preponderate approach on decision making was that we should be making decisions relying on our mind and not on our heart.

Experiments taking place the last 25 years prove the power of our heart beyond our conventional beliefs. Many leaders like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and many others have commented on the way they rely on their "gut feeling" for decision making. We all possess this gut feeling. Some of us are more in touch with it and some less. It is this feeling that sometimes disagrees with our logic. 

 Logic provides proof and is supported by it. The gut feeling does not provide any proof the moment we feel it. We have no proof why we should do this or that, proof comes later whether we follow our instinct or not.

Howard Martin from HeartMath Institute (world's foremost heart research Institute), has presented facts about the operation of our heart, proven by 25 years of experiments the Institute has conducted. 

Some of them are :

- The heart secretes hormones that lower cortisol, the stress hormone .

-The electromagnetic field of our heart is 60 times bigger than our brain's and it is emitted inside and outside our body.

-The heart communicates constantly with the brain creating a two way communication system.

A very interesting 15 min video from TEDx is available on youtube where Howard Martin introduces us to the function of the heart, one we are not familiar with. This new knowledge provides proof about the function of the heart in humans and the fact that it is not the one we conventionally believed. Our heart has an immense power over our body including our brain. It is impressive how the function of the heart influences our whole system and how our system transmits this to the environment and people around us and how this whole thing influences the earth itself!

He says they are conducting experiments right now having implanting transmitters around the globe that measure vibrations and study their alignment and interconnection between environment and the population in these areas ! Everything in the universe is one as the ancient Greek philosopher Plato explains in many of his books but mainly in "Timeos" and it seems that science now is starting to prove it.

Your heart is powerful so use it through positive feelings in order to create and transmit positive energy inside you and around you. Believe your "gut feeling",   just try one time to do exactly what it is telling you to do and if this contradicts your logic check whether it was wrong or right in due time.. See it as a game! Life is a game! Play positively and with good intention and keep yourself happy!