Other Creations


I create exclusive art objects that will enhance the experience of loving and make your life more beautiful. 

Small desktop artworks 

Precious in Plexiglass

Prints of my fine art photos on plexiglass, in various sizes of your choice, fabricated from the best quality plexiglass by one of the top manufacturers. Ideal as desktop artworks for your home or office, as a gift for your loved ones or as business gifts.

My art on your walls

Style like never before 

Enhance your space with some original art. Prints of my fine art photos are available in a selection of materials - from different qualities of paper to  plexiglass and liquid glass. Let's discover what works best for you together. 


Everyday luxury

Plexiglas sous-verres of the utmost quality. Delicate artworks designed and signed by me on your tables. Mind travels with beautiful images under your glasses, transforming the everyday objects from mundane to little artworks you can enjoy daily.

Press papier

Small is beautiful

Colorful, imaginative art objects designed and signed by me to enhance the prestige and beauty of your business or personal spaces. Top quality, in both material and manufacturing, to ensure you and your loved ones will enjoy it to the maximum. 

My creations are available through my network of galleries. Contact me for more details.