Possessing positive energy I think is one of the most important factors of well being. Approaching positively every aspect of life even if at the present moment things don't seem promising is of utmost importance. I will list some of the gains of doing so:

1. You keep your mood away from blues.

2. By doing so your minutes, hours, days, months and years are happier.

2. You keep yourself healthier since you avoid a big amount of stress.

3. Your mind is more clear therefore detects easier possible solutions to your problems.

4. Stress and bad mood as far as I am concerned never solved a problem.

5. Remember always, that when we are approached by challenges a positive manner of tangling them and overcoming them enables a better self of ours to arise.

6. You avoid fear that is a paralysing factor and this way you increase the chances of a positive outcome.

I am not suggesting anything I haven't tried or done throughout the years. It is very important to keep a clear mind in the middle of a storm. It is very important for yourself and also very important for the people that surround you especially if they are your children since you constitute a role model for them.

I am sure I am not telling you anything new or anything you haven't heard before.

Action is the message. First think and then act in a positive manner. No problem is bigger than you. For that I am sure! So start from convincing yourself that you can make it. Whatever the problem is relax in a positive mood and think that your power is bigger than the problem's and that the solution is there, because it always is, but your panic doesn't let you see it. There are always more solutions that we can conceive and in order to realize them we have to make the transition to a positive relaxed state of mind. This always enables us to to navigate successfully ourselves to the right solution. Move over and above your problems. Don't let them stand over your head. Nothing should be over your head except clean fresh air!